United Nations Student Association: University of Minnesota Model UN

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Dear Potential Sponsor,


The United Nations Student Association (UNSA) at the University of Minnesota is dedicated to raising awareness of the role of the United Nations in the global polity via a wide range of activities, both on and off campus. UNSA has sponsored lectures, hosted simulations, and participated at many diversity-themed events. UNSA and its members firmly adhere to the belief that the future of the United Nations, and indeed the world, hinges on the ability of people to engage in free and open discourse on contemporary issues facing the international community and the transnational organizations that buttress it.

For most UNSA members, each semester culminates in a major Model United Nations Conference for which members spend a great deal of time preparing. The fall conference is sponsored by the American Model United Nations Organization, and takes place in Chicago towards the end of November. Some members elect to attend another conference during spring semester at the University of California - Berkeley and in New York City. Participants experience negotiation and debate on a scale unrivaled on campus. They also get a chance to practice and learn important public speaking, critical thinking, advocacy, and complex writing skills. At UNSA, we strive to send as many students as possible to Model UN simulations.

UNSA's activities are serious forums for discussing pertinent issues facing the global community, and many students find themselves challenged by the discussions. Students sometimes feel worn out from intense participation, so fun and socializing form a vital component of our organization in the off time. Members frequently cite the conferences and simulations as the premier activity of the semester--from delegate parties in hotel rooms to lively late-night discussions and caucusing,there’s a little something for everyone. We believe that academic and intellectual connections often lead to social ones, and UNSA provides the ideal extracurricular outlet for the “globally minded.”

However, as with many teams of this nature, financial pressures limit UNSA's ability to reach out to as many students as possible. Conferences are also usually expensive, so we are sometimes limited in how many students we can send. Yet, every year we are fortunate enough to find sponsors from a variety of sources including corporations, University departments, and students themselves through fundraising efforts and grants.

We are always looking for an organization to partner with for our activities throughout the year. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us with your interest!

Diplomatic Regards,

The Entire UNSA Team