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Opening Ceremony: Can We Make This World, A World Full of Humanity?

Updates from the Social Good Summit. We are two hours in now, but running behind. Here are some highlights!

Ban Ki Moon poses the question to the Social Good Summit: Can we make this world a world full of humanity?

Victoria Beckham, Graca Machel, Ahmed Mohamed, and other celebrities & activists introduce the Sustainable Development Goals, or more commonly known, the Global Goals. 17 Goals that we all must take action on to make 2030 a livable world for all. Ban Ki Moon poses to the audience that hateful messages through media and internet furthers rights violations, discrimination, and oppression - but if we harness social good for a better future. In this new era, we need business, leaders, nations, and average people participating.

  • #2030NOW: Global Goals and the Technology that will Help Achieve Them: Kathy Calvin [President and Chief Executive Officer of the United Nations Foundation], Jimmy Wales [co-founder and promoter of Wikipedia and Wikia], Ricardo Fuentes, and Helen Clark [Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), and former Prime Minister of New Zealand]

As Ricardo Fuentes pointed out, there were no way that 50 years ago that we could be talking about inequality as we do now and that this global society now exists with the high amount of inequality ever known. 

A new marketing campaign may now be apart of that discussion. Jimmy Wales, one of the founder of Wikipedia and Wikia, is unveiling a new phone company with a different marketing strategy. Instead of having the traditional campaigns that have ads at the Super Bowl, wasted paper ads, and wasted TV time, they are donating 10% of all profits to a charity of your choice if you share your service provider on your own social media.