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What is Social Good?

Almost everyone of my professors asked me that before my flight out. By +SocialGood's definition, it is a "global community of innovators, social entrepreneurs, and thought leaders united around a shared vision: That today's connected generation can leverage technology and new media to help create a better world." 

But what it means is we are no longer in the realm of the phenomenon as described by Mashable's speaker of uncooperative existence of different parts of the global community.

Left wing NGOs that hate businesses and businesses that distrust left wing NGOs

So what isn't social good? The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) were our first precedent of global goals measured in all member nations to improve quality of life and abolish poverty for all. However, as many before me have described, there was a disconnectedness inherent in them. NGOs, states, individuals, and companies shared the same playing field and acting in their best intentions, but the Millennium Development Goals fell through in their hope to eliminate poverty. The list of reasons for failure is length: the disjointed efforts from profitable companies looking for a cause, NGOs suspicious of disreputable business practices, individuals that were uninformed and uninvolved, and states concerned with further international invention.. etc.

Nations were assigned numerical values to meet without their citizen's consultation, some goals were impossible from the start. As Amina J. Mohammed, the Secretary-General’s Special Adviser on Post-2015 Development Planning, said, these new Global Goals are the people's own work. Over 8 million people responded to the worldwide survey and thousands participated in country specific talks, their outreach this time around was significant. 

The idea behind the #telleveryone campaign is global activism, social and political pressure can make changes -- even if you are retweeting on a bus, clicking away into the night from your laptop, or liking a post on Facebook. More informed the public is, the more likely these goals are reachable for those around the world. 

So to you, my reader, good on you.