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Women's Rights and Reproductive Rights

In US domestic politics, when we aren't complaining about Donald Trump -- there is a debate over Planned Parenthood, which may bring on another government shutdown. I know many of us involved in UNSA-MUN aren't US focused, but the US has an international impact that we all take for granted. Planned Parenthood and women's rights advocates from the US have one of the largest impacts for the developing world's women.  

Family planning isn’t just about planning families, it is about empowering women

At a private conference today, we heard the heartwarming story of some women in Guatemala that became empowered through Planned Parenthood and a local environmental group that ended with them receiving landownership, modern healthcare, and a political voice. When we threaten to shut down women's healthcare, it is also a threat on their human rights.  

Health of a woman is the health of the society

The reason we keep seeing women's equality in development goals and common rallying point, but equality in access to health care, pay, and representation are all hot topics that there is concerning pushback in legislation and social media. The health of a woman is the health of the society is a strong truth. When women can have land rights, it means stability in housing, food security, and capital -- even in some states a land requirement to receive benefits.  When women can have access to health care, maternal mortality drops, child mortality drops, and economic efficiency increases. When women have access to education, birth rates drop, women's political & economic access increases, and the country benefits.

Mothers, wives, daughters, and sisters have more impact on our lives than we will ever know. What they had to give up to raise us, defend us, and protect us, is all more than we can ever pay back. These rights and possibilities of progress are all interconnected, women's rights are all of our rights.