United Nations Student Association: University of Minnesota Model UN

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Fifth Meeting Summary: Rules & Procedures

  1. MinneMUN plans are developing! (A reminder, this is the conference that we host, so you have the opportunity to be on staff!) The Secretariat has agreed upon the following five committees for MinneMUN:
    1. Space Colonial Crisis (JCC): Clifton's committee submission
    2. New World Order: Basically a world set not too far in the future where one major world power goes rogue.
    3. UNSC (UN Security Council): Discussing the situation in the Koreas
    4. UNHRC: Passive crisis committee, discussing universal standards on LGBTQ rights and protections.
  2. Our very own Clifton Sutherland presented on Rules & Procedures!
    1.  This is the kind of information that you will NEED if you are going to AMUN.
    2. This presentation will also tell you about roles that we will be playing when we host MinneMUN.
    3. Of course, you can also visit our Resources page to find out more about parliamentary procedures.
    4. Other points we talked about in the meeting
      1. The General Process of a MUN Committee
        1. Roll Call: The first order of business in a Model UN committee, during which the Rapporteur reads aloud the names of each member state in the committee. When a delegate's country's name is called, he or she may respond "present" or "present and voting." A delegate responding "present and voting" may not abstain on a substantive vote.
        2. Agenda: The order in which the issues before a committee will be discussed. The first duty of a committee following the roll call is usually to set the agenda.
        3. Motions: A request made by a delegate that the committee as a whole do something. Some motions might be to go into a caucus, to adjourn, to introduce a draft resolution, or to move into voting procedure.
      2. How to win at AMUN
        1. Don't be intimidated by your fellow delegates!
        2. Participate!
        3. Act according to the formal setting.
        4. Don't abuse your note-taking privileges.
        5. According to the AMUN website:  "Participants do not have any specific, judgeable criteria to follow, but should rather be focusing on preparing, to the best of their abilities, to fully represent their assigned country on the topics under discussion...While AMUN does provide “awards” for the committees and for overall participation, these are based on purely subjective criteria (i.e. the votes of your fellow delegates) and are de-emphasized at the Conference."
  3. Come to office hours if you have questions about this & unausa.org is a great resource.