United Nations Student Association: University of Minnesota Model UN

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AMUN Prep: the DL

  • Don't Panic. Also, don't be intimidated by the people whose placards are up for the entire time.
  • Research
    • Position Papers: Scan for things in caps -- you'll want to know about projects and resolutions and groups that have done things in the topic area.
    • Know what's happening with regards to your country. 
    • Know which countries you share goals with.
  • On Saturday, goes to the Rules and Role-Playing Meeting.
    • You'll see the chairs for the first time, and you can find out their quirks.
    • You'll get to meet the people in your committee, and it's practically caucusing. You can start building relationships here. Ask as many questions as you can to clarify rules and role-playing.
    • You might want to know about laptop rules, and 
  • What to bring to committee?
    • Something to write in and pass notes with. You'll need to do that in the beginning, but eventually you can transition to digital communication.
    • Make yourself an asset. Even if you aren't the expert, contribute what you can. Resolution-writing is going to be a great skill to build, and doesn't require you to be the most talkative and most informed. Don't be just a number in the committee though.
    • Your research binder and materials.
  • Roll Call
    • "Present" vs. "Present & Voting" -- "Present & Voting" means that you can't abstain from voting on substantive things. Probably just don't say that.
  • First Speech (this isn't an official section in the conference; this is on you to speak during committee)
    • Get it out of the way as fast as you can, even if it needs to be simple. Once you've done the first speech, you'll be a lot more at ease. You'll probably want to write this out for the first one.
    • Traditionally, both partners go up, and you can split talking time however you like. Double check this in the Rules and Role-Playing Meeting.
    • It's ten hours in committee per day. If you're unengaged and don't know what you're doing, you will have a terrible, miserable, no-good time. Also, take advantage of the opportunity that you've been given. 
    • You can bring up notes, but these are just quick 30-second situations usually. 
    • If you give at lease one speech per day, and you're 
  • First Unmoderated Caucus
    • This is your first time to talk to people in purview of committee. Talk to as many people as you can. You might want to split from your partner to cover more ground, but it's up to you.
    • This is generally about agenda-setting. Talk to countries who can help you reach your goals in that area. What topic is more important to you? Do that first.
  • Use your partner. ☯️ Divide and conquer. You can also have one person in the room and one person outside of the room working on the resolution document.
  • Unmoderated caucuses that are super long? Use this time productively. Stay fresh.
  • On Laptops: The wifi will probably be crappy. Download the important things onto your laptop. Personal hotspots are a godsend. Feel free to also print things out! Leslie-Knope-style binders certainly couldn't hurt.
  • Use your resources. Rapporteurs will help with resolutions. Talk to Home Government about your stances if you're confused.
  • Last committee session? If you've passed a resolution, go back to your friends (the guys that are the same country as you), and check in with them about how it worked out in the rest of the committees. Passing a resolution in your committee is half the battle, and now you need to get it through this one. Now you're caucusing to everybody and trying to get everybody on board. You can't run out of steam here! In the eyes of the 
  • AMUN hosts a Grad & Law School Fair. Check that out!
  • AMUN has conference swag! Nab some if you're into that.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Be nice to yourself <3 
  • Bond with people in club!! 
  • Hey, also: Be nice to your hotel rooms. Exude professionalism.

You'll do great! I'll see you there!