United Nations Student Association: University of Minnesota Model UN

Welcome to the homepage of the University of Minnesota's Model United Nations Team. Learn what MUN is all about, meet our team leaders, read about upcoming events, and join the club!

First Meeting Summary: Introductions

  1. Board Introductions (see here to meet our board members! and here is our constitution if you'd like to read about our board's responsibilities and other stuff too)
  2. Member Introductions (it was lovely to hear from all of you about your majors and why you want to be part of MUN! we're especially glad to have such a diversity of majors, and it sounds like so many of you are ready to actively participate to the club!)
  3. Introduction to the Larger Organizations
    1. UNA-USA
    2. GenUN
  4. Overview of Our Goals
    1. Education and skill development
    2. Building and fostering club community
    3. Legitimizing UNSA-UMN, internally and externally
  5. Proposed Fall Schedule (we're actually working on revisions of this right now, so stay tuned for updates!)
  6. Upcoming Conferences - attending these does require an application process and some travel expenses, 
    1. Annual American Model United Nations (AMUN) Conference in Chicago - from Saturday through Tuesday, November 18–21, 2017
    2. 2 Spring Conferences (TBD)
    3. MinneMUN (the conference that we host in the spring)
  7. Introducing Committees (these are your opportunities to get involved directly with the happenings with the club on various fronts! contact the heads of the committees listed in order to find out more and get involved)
    1. Press Corps (AKA the PR Mafia) - outreach, branding, marketing, and event planning - Ray Weishan (PR Officer) & Annika Kohrt (Web Manager) - email us! or sign up!
    2. Secretariat - creating simulations for us to do in meeting and developing committee topics/background guides/plot lines for MinneMUN - Sourojit Ghosh (Secretary General) & Kimberly White (Simulations Coordinator) - email us! or sign up!
    3. Fundraising Committee - creating sustainable partnerships with corporations and organizations in the area to continue to finance our traveling conferences and to help grow our MinneMUN conference - Cullin Trivett & Jesse Smith - email us! or sign up!
  8. A Reminder to Follow Us on Social Media! (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)