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Second Meeting Summary: AMUN Applications

  1. If you couldn't find us today, it's because we met for the first time in the Armory! Armory 202 is our new meeting spot to accommodate the larger-than-expected numbers.
  2. Join the committees! Today we were introduced to a new committee (the Sustainable Development Goals Committee), which also serves as a reminder that MUN is all about taking initiative. If you have an idea for the club, and what we should be doing in it, bring it to us!
  3. It's actually Global Goals Week right now!
  4. Unfortunately, we didn't get to do speed friending during this meeting, because AMUN deadlines loom very close! So we learned a ton about AMUN at this meeting.
    1. AMUN is great for new MUN-ers, because we participate in a general assembly instead of crisis committees.
    2. Here's some information about the structure of AMUN.
    3. And remember that AMUN is relatively close and cheap, and delegates come back with great stories.
    4. The AMUN Timeline:
      1. Sept. 19th - Application Opens
      2. Oct. 1st - Application Closes at 5pm
      3. Oct. 6th - Last Day to Confirm Attendance/Deposits Due
      4. Oct. 17th - Position Paper due to the Board for Revision
      5. Oct. 24th - Absolute Final Deadline to Submit Position Papers
      6. Nov. 18th - 21st - AMUN
    5. Notes on Applications:
      1. We'll let you know very shortly after the application closes whether you've been selected as a delegate or not. 
      2. We'll have a waiting list, which is almost always utilized.
      3. We have a security deposit requirement in order to encourage attendance for selected delegates. Don't let this frighten you, but do let it encourage you to take your commitments seriously.
      4. There will be lots of opportunities in meetings and elsewhere to learn about how MUN works before going to Chicago.
      5. More people always apply than we have the money to send. Don't half-ass your application. Utilize our meeting times, office hours times, and resources on the website to take your best stab at it!
  5. We also talked about MinneMUN! Here's where you should put your MinneMUN committee ideas. Contact Sourojit Ghosh, our Secretary General, with any questions.

A Quick Peek at our Membership:



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