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Third Meeting Summary: Resolution Writing

  1. We talked about t-shirt designs! Look forward to our inevitably snazzy t-shirts.
  2. Resolution Writing
    1. If you plan to apply for AMUN, this is very important -- you need to write preambular and operative clauses for your application, and writing resolutions is an important part of attending conferences!
    2. Check out Andrea's guide to writing resolutions.
    3. Check out bestdelegate's guide to writing resolutions.
    4. For the AMUN application specifically, check out the handbooks on the AMUN website for UN documents relating to issues at AMUN.
    5. And of course, remember our website features a very helpful resources page and our club features some very helpful seasoned MUNers. Find our officers' office hours in our emails if you want help!
  3. We practiced writing resolutions in club, so if you didn't get a chance to do that with us, feel free to practice writing one on the topic of the rise of fast food in America (from whichever perspective you choose), and bring it to office hours to see how it was!

Thanks for checking in!