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Constitution Updates: Changes to Board Member Terms

Hi all,

In our second-to-last meeting of the fall semester, the board brought several proposed constitutional changes to the attention of the club's general membership.

This meeting led to a great discussion by our general membership and we're pleased to have such involved membership and demonstrated interest in the affairs of the club. The constitution and its proposed changes can be found here, and our old constitution can also be found on our Gopherlink page. However, the thorough discussion led to us only having enough time to pass the changes in Article III.

With the changes to this Article, we are transitioning to terms of office for our board members that would better allow them to perform their duties and draw upon the resources of previous board members. The most important change is the transition from academic-year terms to calendar-year terms for President, Vice-President, and Treasurer. This is to reflect the changes that have recently occurred in the application process for SSF Funding, and would allow the parties responsible for these applications to be in their positions during the time of applications for funding that affects their time in the club. Moreover, this would hopefully lead to the preceding, experienced officers being available as resources, instead of having graduated, during this time.

board elections

Moreover, the terms for PR Manager, Web Manager, and Simulations Director would be semester-long. This hopefully would allow for members who study abroad during single-semesters to serve as board members. Secretary General and MSA Liaison would still be elected every academic year because planning for MinneMUN and participating in MSA are better situated along an academic year schedule. 

There would be no term limits for any of these positions, but re-election would be necessary at the end of any given member's term. We hope that this means that the best-suited person can serve the club as they are available. 

Please contact us at unsa@umn.edu with any questions or concerns. Keep checking back for further changes and make sure to look over the proposed changes and attend future voting meetings. There are more constitutional changes to vote on and elections for President, Vice-President, and Treasurer will occur in the Spring.

Thanks for reading & for a great semester!