United Nations Student Association: University of Minnesota Model UN

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We were glad to have seen so many new faces at this meeting today, where we took the time to vote on the rest of our constitutional changes. The Constitution now stands as this document.

We then spent the rest of the meeting learning about Crisis Committee. We hope to focus on these rather than General Assembly-style MUN this semester, since so much of last year was spent learning about the latter style. Of course, don't forget that MinneMUN is coming up this semester too! 

Here are some of the things that you need to know about Crisis Committees:

  1. You get to use first person! Generally, as a participant in a Crisis Committee, you are assigned a role as a person and not as a country.
  2. Generally, you aim for directives instead of resolutions. These can be both public (committee actions, signed by as many people as possible) and private (portfolio powers, sent to crisis staff).
  3. There are Joint Crisis Committees, where there are two groups to the committee and they meet in 
  4. Crisis staff is very important!

Check out this video introduction, too.

We also had a great practice committee, so thanks to our Secretary General, Sourojit, and our Vice-President, Andrea, for running this meeting!